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As the world's largest buyers and seller of U.S. First Day Covers, Inaugurals, and WWII Patriotics, we are most interested in handling individual covers as well as collections, estates, and dealer stocks, but we offer a difference. Depending on the type of consignable material you have, it can be placed in one of our two types of auction catalogs.

As a consignor, presentation should be of the utmost importance. Our full color Public Auction catalogs are digitally produced. No expense is spared in producing one of the finest full color auction catalogs in the hobby! Every lot is illustrated in full color , not just a splash here and there, but everywhere. Full color has always been one of our trademarks. Equally as important as presentation is distribution. Our mailing list is SECOND-TO-NONE! We have spent over 20 years building our mailing list. Specializing in only one area of philately has provided us the focus we believe necessary to build a world class mailing list. But we don't stop there. Our auctions are also illustrated in full color at our Web site. Unlike scans of printed pages from catalogs, each and every cover is individually scanned to show its true color and brilliance. Our Web presence was the FIRST! That's right. We were the first stamp firm in the country to feature a fully illustrated philatelic auction on the Internet. It was so news worthy that Linn's Stamp News found it worthy of a front page article!

Nationwide Viewing

We bring our Public Auctions to the public! We typically close our auctions on a date that will allow us the opportunity to set up viewing at one or more major stamp shows. We go the extra mile promoting consignor's covers at major shows which can include a New York City ASDA Mega Stamp Show, APS and/or AFDCS Conventions. We have also held our Public Auctions in conjunction with these events.

Auction Gallery

When we do not hold an auction at a major show, we hold it in our auction gallery located in Raynham, Massachusetts, just 30 miles from Boston and Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod. When we built our gallery in 1998, it was designed with the buyer in mind. It incorporates a viewing room separate from that of our floor auction bidding room. This allows ongoing viewing by bidders that may show up late or need extra time to go through the thousands of covers we offer in every auction. Most auction houses do not have the luxury of the room or the man power to accommodate this feat. Instead, viewing typically ends just prior to the beginning of the auction or the viewing room is transformed into the floor auction. As lots are sold at our auction, they can no longer be viewed. However, it's nice to know you'll have the extra time you need to view lots not yet sold.

Mail/Phone/Web Auctions

We hold 13 auctions annually, one every 4 weeks. These 100 page 1,700 lot digitally produced catalogs offer both individual covers and collections, and feature lots in the $25 to over $1,000 range. Every lot is illustrated with a large crisp image. Presentation is important, and it is apparent, that once again, no expense is spared in this regard. Each page is designed to show both the detailed description of the cover, as well as it's accompanying illustration on the same page. No turning pages to try and find the cover you want to see. Furthermore, we have developed exclusive indexes! Over 400 different cachet makers and topical indexes are listed in alphabetical order in each catalog. If you collect a specific cachet maker or topic, you do not have to search through the entire catalog to find what you collect, or worse, miss an item you really want. Simply locate your collecting interest, and all the covers for that specialty are identified by the appropriate lot number within the catalog. We even have specialty indexes for first cachets, unofficial cancels, plate block FDCs, line pair or plate number coil FDCs, autographed covers, joint issue FDCs, and programs. We realize that most collectors receive several catalogs every month. It is imperative that our catalog is not only worth reading, but easy to do so as well. For customers with access to the World Wide Web, our indexes are fantastic! You only need click on your area of interest, say "cats", and in seconds, every cat related, and only cat related covers, will appear. Best off all, they all come with a full color image! This feature is available on both our public and monthly auctions. Click here to view our upcoming auction schedule.

Consignment Fee

The consignor's fee is varied based on the value and type of material in question. Please contact us or call us toll-free 1-800-852-0076 for additional information regarding consigning material. Let us expose your collection to the finest clientele in the nation.

Remember, it took years to build your collection. Be sure to take the same care when it comes time to sell.

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