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#352 - Friday - Sunday, May 2-4, 2014 - 9 AM est.
United States and Worldwide
Stamps, Postal History, First Day Covers,
Collections & Balances

at the Philatelic Show 2014
Boxborough, MA

We are pleased to announce our public auction Sale 352 to be held in conjunction with the Boxborough Show on May 4-6, 2014. We are also pleased to offer a very diverse cross section of Philately starting with over 260 quality & scarce FDC's. Of particular interest is 295, 537 on Civil War Patriotic, 549 rare Philadelphia cancel, 563 Fremont, 610 1st George Linn, 630 s/s, several Kansas Nebraska covers w/predates, several Beazell's and Knapp hand painteds with two different Scout covers, over 20 different hand painteds for Scott #782 (all of the period), 30 different 855 Baseball lots all scarce to rare, excellent back of the book with many Zepps (big and small), followed by approx. 30 lots of classic ephemera including trade cards slave documents, "Black Americana", earthquake mail collection, early photos, etc, moving on into a small but interesting group of autographs, note one man's Postmaster General Collection put together over his lifetime, De Witt Clinton, Gideon Wells, J. Fenimore Cooper, Orville Wright, etc., Stampless include 177 attractive or unusual including a good assortment of 18th Century Colonials, "War Rates", Rare 1st Day of the Restored Rate, Railroads, Ships, Trans-Atlantic's, etc.; Classic covers include 3 different plated 9X1's, 14 different 1847 issues noting shades; followed by a wide array of 1851-7 issues with many different 1c types including 8A (one ex Caspary), followed by many different 1c usages, cancels, 5c (12) to France, 12c single domestic usage, note 5c color varieties (28, 28A), 10c combination strip (32, 32, 34), etc, balance of 19th century covers include interesting 1869 registered & other usages, Banknotes to 30c values on covers, $1 Columbian, 1c-10c Louisiana Purchase set on postal tied by Expo Station cancels, several attractive Zeppelin sets or singles on flight covers, Fancy cancels include several groups from the Arthur Beane Collection, also note several Mass. Town singles & collections from the same collector. Advertising covers include many 1851-61 "Cameo" types as well as later overalls, Expos, an excellent "balances" group of 41 quality lots, etc., an exciting section is Postal History by State with a large selection of Maine & Mass., nearly every balance loaded with small & scarce towns (Mass., ex Beane, Maine, ex Hazelton); Our Civil War section starts with a phenomenal group of unused groups containing many rare & seldom seen designs, followed by an attractive section of approx 30 used Patriotics, mostly identified by Walcott numbers.

The Stamp section starts with 5c-10c Providence Provisional combination strip of 3 followed by exquisite "Running Pony" on piece, 1851-7 issues include several 1c (8) including pos. (99R2), unused 3c Orange Brown (10A), near perfect 1c (21), 5c issues include "Dark Red Brown" (28 Var.), "Indian Red" (28A), 24c Plate proof on stamp paper (37P5); 1861 Issues include several "Pinks", 24c "Steel Blue", 2c (73P1, cat $10,000.00), set large die proofs on full size cards, 1869 set large die proofs, Banknotes include 145P1-55P1 set large die proofs on full cards, also 156P1-66P1 set large die proofs on full card, Columbians include several smaller balances that should be looked at closely, high values include several dollar values both used & unused, note attractive $4 color variety, Omaha include attractive $1 P.# single, choice used $2, Pan-American includes 1c Invert, Washington-Franklins to high values include $1 (423), $1 (460), $5 (523), etc, of special interest to specialist is used 10c pair (510) on "silk paper" with recent cert. (believed to be Unique), multiple 5c "error" blocks (both 467 & 505), centerline blocks (524, 573), Modern Errors include 5c Motorcycle imperf Pair, 32c Nixon, 29c pine cone bklt. partially imperf, Airmails include C3 Plate Block, several attractive Zeppelin sets & singles, $2 Shanghai (K18) in high grade, one of the last remaining full sheets of 15c War Dept (O90), small but attractive assortment of Newspaper stamps including a full set of the "UPU" overprints, Parcel Post include a pristine NH block of the 50c in extremely high grade, Revenues include attractive perforated $200 (R102c), several Marihuana sets, imperf "Silver Tax" pairs,

The General Foreign, although not as large as previous sales has much of interest, including an extensive group of Canada Covers & classics through the "Admirals", particularly the coil issues in high grades & quantities, also note 6p (2), 3 lots of earlier China covers (circa 1936-49), excellent early French NH semi-postals, Germany includes full imperf sheets of last 3rd Reich (B92-3), Italy full sheet (CE1), India includes NH (203-6), Russia includes hinged C68 with cert., Japan used S.S. (C8), Slovakia (28, signed x2), Switzerland 2L6 on immaculate cover, Naba S.S., Two Siciles 3c Var. on piece (pos 6 showing major triple re-entry), recent cert., etc.

The US collections (112 lots) include several high powered collections and other more specialized collections of both stamps & covers, note: several cut square collections, all very attractive & useful, of special interest is the specialized collection of Ickes (Sec. of Interior under Roosevelt) with the first printings (very limited to Roosevelt's friends), Revenue Proof Balance, Revenue Collection, many balances from the Arthur Beane Collection, etc.

The Foreign Collections (141 lots) include a tremendous worldwide collection in 27 Scott binders to 1950 with many attractive sets, Canada Dealer's stock, Cuba (Spanish), Dominican Republic (x2), Esperanto Collection (immense), WWII German POW correspondence, several German collections (all area's), extensive Iran collection, several interesting & specialized Israel as well as Palestine, Portugal & Colonies, extensive Russia collection, Upper Silesia specialized study, Yemen,Zeppelins, etc. Enjoy the auction!

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